Who We Are?


Ways of Eating & Drinking, LLC (W.O.E.D.) is an industry leading catering company. We create food that infuses the comfort of authentic Jamaican culture that brings people together for fellowship, friendship, and family-ship. We are a family-based company created on the foundation that good food, great conversation, and great dining in a pleasant atmosphere brings all walks of life together as family. With our recipes being passed down from generation-to-generation in our culture, it gives some customers a familiarity of having visited our homeland and others a warm hug of belonging. Ways of Eating & Drinking has earned an impeccable reputation in the food industry by providing customers with service that welcomes them into the family by warming their hearts and bellies.


Delicious & Tasty Recipes

What We Do?


Offers healthy menu options with fresh ingredients

Prepares customized selections to meet each customer’s needs

Combines an acumen for business with a knowledge of food

Serves food made with love

Provides clear & concise communication

Maintains positive & excellent customer service

Guarantees satisfaction with a system for follow-up of customer experience

Secures highly trained & skilled team members


What makes us different?


W.O.E.D. is a full service catering company that consistently provides excellent food that stimulates the soul with our unique flavors and traditional cooking methods that remind patrons of the family dinner table. We continuously hit the mark to deliver satisfaction by having the customer conversations that result in the application of their feedback.  Within our company, we make sure every time that each client has been W.O.E.D. the experience leaves them not only loving the food, but also loving the warmth and love put into its preparation. We are committed to providing quality, fulfilling food along with providing our clients exceptional service to foster a sense of family flavor.

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